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718lb Short Fin Mako


on a 12-hour fishing trip out on the deep drop-off (1,000-1,800) in May of the 1980’s, we limited out on Mahi and decided to put out a marlin rod with a fresh Cero Mackeral bait. An explosive splash ensued, and we knew we were hooked up on something big-though no one saw what had hit the bait. On board was a young couple and the wife got the rod. After a long 2 1/2 hours we managed to get the creature close enough for us to see it was a large short fin mako shark. Captain Teddy Bair got the beast alongside the boat and sharky was able to shoot the shark with a 12-guage bang stick. 45 minutes later, we returned to the dock and a crowd was waiting to see the weight of the catch on the scale. Weighing in at 718 pounds, the couple decided to mount the mako along with a Mahi. WHAT A TRIP!!!!

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