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36’ Hatteras Cowboy Fishing Charters in Key West, FL

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Adrenaline-Packed Trip on Cowboy Fishing Charters in Key West, FL!

Step aboard the “Cowboy,” a superbly outfitted 36-foot Hatteras yacht, designed for the ultimate fishing experience. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-packed deep-sea adventure or a tranquil day of reef fishing, this vessel is your gateway to the vast blue waters. The “CowBoy” is uniquely laid out with two long benches under a shaded area, which opens up to the back deck—ideal for relaxation.

Equipped with dual two 50-pound fighting chairs and a centrally located rocket launcher, the “Cow Boy” is ready for any challenge the ocean throws your way. Tournament-grade tackle ensures you have the best tools at hand to tackle the biggest catch. A clean, onboard bathroom adds comfort to your experience, ensuring you can stay on the water as long as the fish are biting.