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Mahi Mahi: Fishing In Key West

a bunch of ripe bananas sitting on top of a wooden fence

It’s mid May 2022 and the mahi mahi have biting strong! We set off from Key West, heading out the main ship channel until we reach the blue water, usually at a depth of about 200-300 feet. When we spotted a large weed line with birds diving from above, we make our way towards them. It doesn’t take long before we’ve got 6 rods with lines out and the captain yells to bring in the teasers. We manage to land 4 of the 6 mahi, including 3 cows and a bull. We keep going along the weed line and reeled in another 6 mahi, ending the day with a total of 15-a great day for happy customers from Dallas Texas who will surely be back.

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